SEVEN SQUARE ACADEMY is managed by Seven Eleven Education Society. Seven signifies the light or torch of progress and Eleven is the two parallel vertical lines signifying the realization of the dreams which is growing to higher levels in leaps and bounds. Seven is the crown with the totem of 11, which lightens the path of knowledge to higher and higher ranks on the ladder of success.

The number SEVEN in SEVEN SQUARE signifies the light or torch of progress in the field of education seven times ; meaning many times. Every effort to promote education with value grows in many folds. It spreads the mission of Global Vision with Indian Values.

Seven colours in the school logo are Blue,Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Indigo and Violet symbolizing the beam of the rainbow. The seven colours are a source of power, each one having a general as well as specific function and purpose.

Blue is the colour of divinity. It brings in peace and understanding. It enhances the easy flow of communication with self and others.

Yellow enriches clarity of thoughts and better decision making skills.

Red emits energy and enthusiasm.

Orange originates creativity and playfulness.

Green merges harmony and health.

Indigo opens subconsciousness of wisdom and intuition.

Violet sparks the imagination and inspiration. It integrates other energies for healing purposes.

Thus the logo of SEVEN SQUARE ACADEMY having the seven colours brings the vibrancy of these colours into the life of our students. The students who are our ambassadors, embark on the journey of carrying this torch of colours from our school logo and spreading the light across boundaries.