All our teaching and non-teaching staff is inducted well with the Seven Eleven group of companies’ philosophy. Empathy, Discipline and Friendliness are prominently witnessed in the school environment.

    Our teaching staff is highly qualified and have vast teaching experience. ‘Continuous Learning’ is not just part of the student philosophy but is part of the school life for our teaching staff too. Our teaching staff attends regular refresher and leadership courses. They are guided by our Counsellor to handle child’s psychological needs.

    Due care is being taken to select teachers after a series of careful assessments. Apart from this under the guidelines provided by the CBSE board, the teachers undergo internal & external refresher training programs regularly. Mentorship helps students to connect better with their teachers.

    Parents and Students can both take help of professionally trained psychologist counselor and special educator as and when needed, therby creating a balanced and healthy school culture. The school maintains a comprehensive report for each child and maintains confidentiality.

The School Offers

  • Child, parents and teacher counseling.
  • Psycho- educational assessments.
  • Remedial teaching for children with academic challenges.
  • Referrals to other medical/para-medical professionals is needed.
  • Parenting seminars through external eminent spokes persons/academicians and professionals.